Tettenhall Green Wolverhampton

About Tettenhall Green

1613  The original pool belonged to Upper Green Farm, and appears on a map of 1613.

1912  The clock tower is built by the local wealthy Swindley family who donate it to the parish to celebrate the coronation of King George V.

1930s The area is common land and is donated by the Swindley family to the people of the parish.

1930s  Mrs. E. Swindley, who lived in the Clock House in Stockwell Road, leaves a great deal of land to the village, from Upper Green across to Stockwell Farm. She also leaves the cricket ground to the cricket club.

1934  Stockwell Farm’s duck pond is converted into a paddling pool at the expense of the Graham family, the owners of the Express & Star.

1989 The paddling pool is refurbished and continues to be maintained by Wolverhampton City Council.